geothermal energy

Geothermal energy


The geothermal energy or geotermia is the science that studies the thermal phenomena that take place in the interior of the earth. The heat generated or stored in her can be taken advantage of and constitutes the source of the geothermal energy.

The geothermal energy can be used of two different forms, depending on the origin of the heat that is used, that will be useful for an u other applications.

The heat generated by the magma inside the Earth can be used directly and that arrives at the volcanic ground surface, thermal waters or geysers.

In these zones 450 can be obtained temperatures from 70 to ºC, with which hot water for heating or water steam for industrial processes or generation of electricity can be generated.

Unfortunately there are few thermal zones with volcanic presence or waters that are within reach of all and can be used.

Also it is possible to take advantage of the accumulated heat by the great mass that forms the ground, although is to little temperature, and to produce hot water for domestic use and heating in any place.

In this case the heat generated inside the Earth does not take advantage of directly, but that is used the capacity of heat interchange that offers the ground (to absorb and to yield heat staying to a constant temperature).

Geothermal heat pump

Any type of climate, the current of pluvial waters, the sun and the wind turn the ground in a fabulous reserve of energy. Thanks to its density, the Earth absorbs and conserve of permanent form, even in winter, all this heat, that will be able to be extracted using a geothermal heat pump.

A geothermal heat pump uses the great mass of the subsoil to interchange heat with him, benefitting from the characteristic to stay to a practically constant temperature throughout the year.

To a depth of 15 to 20 ms the temperature of the subsoil becomes stabilized around the 17 ēC. The 22 heat pump is much more efficient if it must obtain 21 or ēC of comfort in winter from the 17 ēC of the ground that from the 10 ēC or less to those than is the air.

In summer this difference is accentuated, gaining efficiency the heat pump when it works like refrigerator. To maintain the temperature of comfort of 25 ēC in summer from the 17 ēC of the subsoil has a power cost much smaller than to do it from 30 or 40 ēC of the outer air.

To this advantage that presents/displays the subsoil adds other to him than it increases the efficiency of the heat pump, and is the make to make the heat interchange of optimal form, by means of a fluid and not by means of a gas like the air.

It a geothermal heat pump obtains a power and economic saving in heating, hot water and conditional air of until a 75% yet.

In order to make the heat interchange with the subsoil the geothermal heat pump needs a buried bow that is in direct bonding with the Earth and by where circulates the transferidor heat fluid. This system is denominated of loopback.

If the vertical bow is placed On guard will not be necessary a great land surface in the open, but if to perforate the ground up to 30 ms or 50 ms of depth, being necessary in some cases of arriving until the 100 ms of depth.

También puede utilizarse para el intercambio de calor aguas freáticas como fuente de calor a temperatura constante. Este sistema se denomina de lazo abierto y, a diferencia del anterior, no circula siempre el mismo fluido por el interior del lazo.

Also it can be used for the heat interchange phreatic waters like heat source to constant temperature. This system is denominated of open bow and, unlike the previous one, the same fluid always does not circulate around the interior of the bow.

Also it can be used for the heat interchange phreatic waters like heat source to constant temperature. This system is denominated of open bow and, unlike the previous one, the same fluid always does not circulate around the interior of the bow.


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To give to know and to harness the more efficient power systems is a challenge that we set out in Soliclima.

A geothermal heat pump, that takes advantage of the properties geotermia, is more efficient than a conventional heat pump, so the same comfort will consume less energy generating, saving expenses and collaborating to diminish the gas discharges of effect conservatory.

For its operation it uses the capacity that has the subsoil to remain to a approximately constant temperature throughout the year. This capacity allows him to absorb or to yield great amount of heat, and is the source of the geothermal energy.

Our facilities with geothermal heat pump are able to reduce the energy consumption until a 75%, guaranteeing a trustworthy and efficient operation even in warmest the coldest days of the winter and of the summer.

The geothermal heat pumps that install Soliclima take advantage of the heat stored in the subsoil or phreatic waters to warm up a home and to produce hot water, or to cool it in summer. For it the installation of a buried bow is necessary that allows the heat interchange with the subsoil.

In Soliclima we used the most advisable and economic system of extraction of the geothermal energy for each case: we made wells of more than 30 ms of depth to lodge the buried bow vertically when there is no sufficient land, we placed the bow buried horizontally between 1 and 2 ms of depth when land exists that allows it, or we used phreatic waters to absorb its heat directly when there is presence of them.

Scheme of operation of the buried bow

Scheme of operation of the buried bow

A fluid, normally water with antifreeze, circulates around the interior of the buried bow and, as it is it crossing, it interchanges heat with the subsoil. If it is desired to warm up a house, the fluid will leave more cold than the Earth and it will be warmed up, absorbing the heat stored in her and giving it to the heat pump. If it is desired to cool an enclosure, the fluid will leave with the absorbed heat of the interior and it will go away cooled, yielding the warm that it was to the subsoil and returning more cold. 
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