installation and  maintenance of solar energy

¿What it is the solar energy?


The Sun is a clean, inexhaustible and gratuitous power plant. Its heat or electricity transformation can be taken upon maturity in the same place of consumption, thus avoiding to depend on infrastructures of third.

The thermal solar energy, that is obtained through solar collectors, is used as diverse applications as to produce sanitary hot water, heating or to air conditioning swimming pools.

The photovoltaic solar energy consists of generating electricity by means of photovoltaic solar panels.This electricity can be stored, be consumed directly through suitable apparatuses or be transformed to make work any electrical apparatus of daily use.


By a sustainable consumption


Every time they are more people who bet by different energy model, based on clean energy respectful with the environment.

A sustainable consumption is that that satisfies our present necessities without compromise our future. For that reason is based on use of nonpolluting and inexhaustible energies: the named renewable energies.

To be a user of these energies not only means to save in the invoice of the gas, diesel oil or electricity, but that suppose as much benefit for the society as for the environment.


Present and future


In our daily life we used energy constantly. Unfortunately, the established energy model is not a right or sustainable model

At the moment, three fourth parts of the power resources are destined to a minority of the world-wide population. In addition, the fossil fuel reserve exhausts day to day, not to mention the numerous environmental problems that its use entails: contamination, global heating of the planet...

It is necessary, really, to advance towards a more equitable and sustainable model. One is to improve our present one to preserve our future.

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renewable energies : to ensure the future of our children
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Soliclima is a company that develops, installs and maintains projects based on renewable energy and energetic efficiency.

We are in compromise with the sustainable development from the deepest conviction, and we have a team of professionals with one long trajectory to its backs.

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The renewable energies and their world offer different options from business: to invest, to save costs or to become entrepreneur, are some of them.

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