gray water recycling
Reciclaje de aguas grises y pluviales

Water recycling


Before years of drought like which we lived, experts of the scientific community begin to raise or measured who palliate the running water deficit, as they are the possibility of elevating the prices of the potable water to force the population to control his consumption, or the restriction of their distribution

For this reason, to houses with availability of sufficient surface, it can turn out to them interesting to consider the acquisition of systems of gray water recycling or pluvial water pick up that at any time guarantees the current water supply of the day, in cases in which the drought forces to take restrictive measures in the public network.

Pluvial water recovery

The pluvial water recovery consists on to leak the rainwater caught in a determined surface, the tile roof or roof, to generally store it in a deposit - in which also they can lead treated gray waters, if it is that the building has that system. Later the treated water is distributed through an independent hydraulic circuit of the potable water network.

The added advantage of this type of installations is to be able to at any time of the day have running water , in cases in which the drought forces to take restrictive measures in the public network.

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The gray water recycling consists on take advantage of the water of the bath, skillful, and washbasins by means of a filtrate system and its later canalization towards domestic uses for which the potable, such as washing, odorless water use is not essential, irrigation of gardens or washing of car. This way a daily saving of until a 35% of potable water is obtained, with the consiguente economic saving.

The recycled system Soliclima

Gray water recycling The Soliclima system is a device of German technology of the approximated size of a closet, that can quickly settle in any cellar or warehouse, and that bases its operation on a free biomechanic filtrate of chemical elements, by means of sterilization through an ultra-violet rays lamp.
  • The saving can reach 90,000 liters annual in a house of four or five individuals.
  • It works by means of a modular system that can be extended with additional modules.
  • The guarantee covers 5 years for the tanks and the camera, as well as two years for all the rest of components.

Operation of the recycled system
  1. The filtrate is made in two phases, corresponding to two different cameras: those that appear to the left in the diagram. The particles of greater size are gathered mechanically and expelled to residual waters. Later a treatment with bio-agents is made.
  2. Sterilization takes place in the right camera, by means of an ultra-violet lamp that disinfects it, being fulfilled the European Director 76/160 EWG of water for domestic use.
  3. If the necessary amount of water is more elevated than the stored one, it will have a water incorporation of the potable network to guarantee the provision.
For its use it is only necessary to have a system of tubes that separates by a side the potable water and another one the recycled water.

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