Photovoltaic solar Energy photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic solar energy


The photovoltaic solar energy is the electrical energy that is obtained directly from the sun.

The sun is a gratuitous and inexhaustible power plant, and its use does not produce gas discharges of green house effect.

By means of photovoltaic panels, we can produce electricity during the day, store it and consume it later.
How a photovoltaic installation works

Connected installations to network
To sell the electricity to the network is the best form to amortize a photovoltaic installation and to obtain benefit.

Isolated facilities
Electrification of houses without access to network

When the mains does not arrive at a house, the form economic, profitable and respectful with the environment to generate electricity is using photovoltaic solar energy.

Clean energy

Using photovoltaic solar energy we contributed to reduce to the consumption and the dependency of the fossil energies, reducing as well to the gas discharges derived from its combustion and causes of the green house effect.

The fossil energies are an exhaustible resource since they are consumed to a rate much superior to which take place of natural form.

Taking advantage of the energy the sun, however, a production system of sustainable energy appears, is consumed the energy that daily produces the sun.

Other applications:

  • Facilities of telecommunication
  • Signaling of highways
  • Public lighting system
  • Independent installations of security
Photovoltaic solar energy
Solar thermal energy
Low consumption boilers
Greywater treatment
Radiating ground
Heat pump
Air conditioning of
swimming pools
Wind energy
Other sources of energy  
Subsidized investments  
renewable energies : to ensure the future of our children
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Photovoltaic solar energy

Many years of experience making photovoltaic facilities guarantee an economic, trustworthy and suitable solution for each case; with which our facilities have under maintenance and they do not present/display failures.

The main applications of the photovoltaic solar energy can be classified in:

» Sale of electricity to the electrical company
The connected facilities to network are an optimal investment to means and length term, given to the subventions and granted soft credits from different institutions.
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» Electrification of isolated houses of network
In many occasions, houses and agricultural operations located in countryside do not have electricity due to the near transforming nonexistence.
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» Hidraulic pumps in isolated zones
From Soliclima we propose the simplest and economic way to make arrive the water at the isolated agricultural regions of the mains, using the suitable technology more for the development of a sustainable agriculture
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Measures of power saving

Soliclima advises some measures for the saving of electrical energy. With it the same good is able to be with a moderate consumption, conscious and respectful with the environment, the aim to be able to adapt the demand to the production capacity of the renewable energies:

  • Not to use electrical radiators for heating.
  • To install light bulbs of low consumption.
  • To choose by the household-electric ones that smaller consumption they have although they are more expensive. A refrigerator, for example, works all the hours of the year, so the power saving will be very important.
  • To use hot water coming from a boiler for the dishwasher.
  • To use a bithermal washing machine, that allows to use hot water of the boiler or cold water of the network according to the type of washing. 
Specialists in projects and facilities based on the power saving: radiating ground, sanitary hot water, heating, air conditioning and dehumidification of swimming pools, boilers of low temperature or condensation. for inner installation - Air conditioning of swimming pools - Inner air conditioning by radiating ground - Inner air conditioning by air Consists of determining the most suitable model. An operation for single which a company with the sufficient experience and the good technical knowledge will be able to make correctly. ·