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Heat pump


To generate heat using this system is the form to obtain the one that less energy consumes since it extracts energy to the surroundings, normally to the air. The generated heat can be used for heating and sanitary hot water.

The operation principle is the same one that uses a refrigerating apparatus. A refrigerator is able to cool an enclosure since acquittal energy of the inner air, to low temperature, and yields it to the outer air, to greater temperature, warming up it.

If we invested the operation of a refrigerator, cooling the outer air and warming up the interior, we obtain a heat pump. Therefore most of these apparatuses they are reversible and they allow to cool in summer and to calefactar in winter.

It presents/displays very high efficiencies when the difference between the temperature of comfort inside a house and the outside is moderate (around 10 ºC). For that reason it works very well in zones like the Mediterranean one, where the climate is benevolent.

In these conditions, it is gotten to obtain a coefficient of efficiency COP of 4 working in heating and 3.5 in refrigeration. This means that by each consumed power unit 4 thermal power units are obtained.

The energy that consumes the heat pump is electrical, and can come from the network or generated being of clean and sustainable form installing photovoltaic solar panels.


The heat pump air-water extracts heat of the outer air and it yields it to the water that circulates around the heating system. This allows that it can adapt perfectly to an installation of already existing heating and that is very useful to climatizar swimming pools.
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The hot water that it generates can warm upr a house as much if it has installed radiating as radiating ground. The radiating ground, but, besides to present/display other advantages, is the unique one that allow to be able to cool a residence.
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So that an installation with radiating ground can calefactar and cool, it is necessary to install a complementary system of dehumidification of the air.


An air-air heat pump extracts energy of the outer air and it yields to the stays of a house or the premises introducing air to the temperature of comfort.

Although this type of heat pump slightly has inferior efficiencies to the one of air-water, has the advantage that an installation of this type is reversible, does not need no complement to generate cold in summer.

Geothermal pump

A geothermal heat pump is a heat pump water-water. By means of a fluid that circulates around a buried bow, it extracts or it yields heat to the great mass formed by the subsoil.

This type of heat pump quantitatively has an efficiency higher to the one of the previous ones, since it benefits from the characteristic that presents/displays the subsoil to stay to a practically constant temperature throughout the year.
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From Soliclima we bet by use intelligent of energy, and for that reason we installed pumps of heat, that has the technology that better takes advantage of the power consumption, being the machines more efficient than they exist.

We used heat pumps to as much climatizar a home by air as by water, with the possibility of generating heat or cold. This system is very useful since it allows to warm up in winter and to cool in summer with an only equipment.

An integral solution that we propose, with power savings near 55%, is to use a heat pump with support of solar collectors and to warm up the house by radiating ground. Adding a dehumidification machine of atmosphere, this option will also allow to cool in summer, being done to pass water trusts by the radiating ground.

Heat pumps

The head pumps Clivet are very trustworthy and of reduced dimensions The head pumps Clivet are very trustworthy and of reduced dimensions. They optimize the cycles of compresor function and also realize intelligent anti frost, adapting the temperature of the water cooled to the necessities of the installation.

Specialists in projects and facilities based on the power saving: radiating ground, sanitary hot water, heating, air conditioning and dehumidification of swimming pools, boilers of low temperature or condensation. for inner installation - Air conditioning of swimming pools - Inner air conditioning by radiating ground - Inner air conditioning by air Consists of determining the most suitable model. An operation for single which a company with the sufficient experience and the good technical knowledge will be able to make correctly. ·