renewable energies: biomass, thermoelectrial, geothermal

Renewable energies


Mini hidraulic
The minihydraulic energy is the energy that can take advantage of the water jumps of a river but on small scale, with no need to construct to great prey or dams and with very under environmental impact.

The biomass is all type of matter vegetal, or forest or agricultural, that burned gives off heat and difference of fossil fuels is used like combustible.A, the biomass is a renewable resource since it is generated to the same rate that the consumption, whenever the consumption is moderate and it does not completely exhaust the natural forests and resources.

Geothermal Energy
The terrestrial ground we can take advantage of two power characteristics: the thermal heat of magmatic origin in volcanic zones, geysers or waters, and the capacity to interchange heat with great efficiency with a geothermal heat pump.

Thermoelectrial solar energy
A new option of generation of electricity by means of the solar radiation. Basically, the process is based on the thermal lot elevating a liquid to a high temperature and using later that heat to feed a turbine that produces DC.

The origin of the renewable power plants

All the known to power plants like renewable energies, excepting the is Energy and the geothermal Energy, have to their origin in the Sun.

The Sun hourly radiates to the Earth an energy equivalent to 174.4 trillions of kWh. This enormous amount of energy, besides to equip to the planet of a benevolent climate for the life, it creates phenomena of which we will be able to take advantage of his energy.

Most usual it is the cycle of the water, that will provide the hydraulic energy that as much we know nowadays. The Sun warms up the seas evaporating water that will rise to form clouds, will precipitate in mountainous regions and forming rivers it will follow a long-haul from return the sea.

It is in this way of return in which we can take advantage of the hydraulic energy (energy of the water). In any water jump electricity with a minihydraulic power station will be able to be generated.

Another generated very important phenomenon from sun rays and that are the sustenance of the life in this planet is the growth of plants. The plants need the energy sun rays to be able to grow and, when doing it, they store this energy in the matter that constitutes them.

This matter denominates biomass and consists of all type of vegetal, or forest or agricultural matter, like the underbrush, the weeds, the firewood, the rinds, the straw, etc. When burning itself, the biomass releases the solar energy that it had stored.

One more an elaborated fuel form is the conversion to gas of the biomass. Making the anaeróbica decomposition of the biomass one obtains biogás, resource that takes advantage of in the controlled garbage dumps or the plants of treatment purines.

The wind is a phenomenon very known by all and the origin of its energy, the Aeolian energy, goes back to the Sun During the day, the solar rays warm up the Earth and the sea and these, as well, warm up the air.

To first hours in the morning the Earth more express is warmed up than the sea, reason why the air warmed up by the Earth will rise leaving space to the coldest air of the sea, that will move towards the Earth in marine breeze form.

When falling the night, however, the sense of the movement is reversed. The sea stays warms up while the Earth cools off, also cooling the air of its surface that will move out to sea, in terrestrial breeze form.

Another phenomenon associated to the action of the Sun is the thermal gradients in the sea and the sea currents, but any application does not exist that can take advantage of its energy effectively.

We do not forget that, besides to do it of indirect form, also we can take advantage of the solar radiation direct form.

The thermal solar energy uses the heat of the solar radiation directly to warm up a fluid, and the photovoltaic solar energy is based on the photoelectric effect to directly turn the energy of solar rays electricity.

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In Soliclima we looked for useful solutions, effective and appropriate more using in each case the suitable renewable power plant.

We have ample knowledge of all the renewable power plants and of the more efficient power systems of generation. Geothermal, the biomass and the minihydraulic energy are some examples of it.

»  Geothermal

Our facilities with geothermal heat pump are much more efficient that those that uses a conventional heat pump.

»  Biomass

Use a renewable and respectful fuel with the environment to warm up its home. With the stoves and boilers of high performance that we installed it will obtain the same comfort saving until a 40%.

»  Mini hidraulic

Generate electrical energy of form continued from a small water jump. Our facilities with microturbine are very economic, and can work without storage cells.

»  Thermoelectrial solar energy

The most innovating option of electrical generation by means of solar energy. In Soliclima we always adopted the last technologies. 
Specialists in projects and facilities based on the power saving: radiating ground, sanitary hot water, heating, air conditioning and dehumidification of swimming pools, boilers of low temperature or condensation. for inner installation - Air conditioning of swimming pools - Inner air conditioning by radiating ground - Inner air conditioning by air Consists of determining the most suitable model. An operation for single which a company with the sufficient experience and the good technical knowledge will be able to make correctly. ·