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Boilers of low consumption


The boilers of high performance (under consumption) use the conventional fossil energies, like gasohol or natural gas, for its operation. They can be integrated perfectly to any system of heating already installed, occupying the place of the old boiler.

Its outpost technology allows to regulate the heat contribution to the volume of asked water and the outer temperature, adapting perfectly to each state and obtaining a perfect combustion. They present/display very high yields, around 95%.

Of this form one is able to take advantage of the generated heat to the maximum, reducing the losses, the consumption of fuel and the gas discharges, providing a power and economic saving that oscillates between 20 and 30%.

Its versatility makes suitable to be complemented with thermal solar receivers. Thus, a solar system of heating with a boiler of low consumption and receivers can get to save between 50 and 60% of energy.

Condensation boilers

The boilers of condensation only work with gas, and its technology is able to take advantage of to the maximum the heat the combustion smoke.

Its compact and reduced design, to diminish the losses, and mural (of wall) allows to save spaces being arrived to eliminate the quarter of boilers and to optimize the inhabitable surface.

It is known that in the combustion of a gas water steam is generated. The water steam has a high power content that yields the condensed being and who can be taken advantage of.

The smoke of a conventional boiler is expelled to the atmosphere to 150 - 200 ºC. If they cool off until the temperature of condensation, around 55 ºC, also they suppose a heat contribution. The sum of these contributions supposes a 11% of the total of the energy that has the fuel.

By this it is no wonder these boilers obtain yields around the 106%. This does not mean that more energy of the one is generated than takes the fuel, but that the yield of the normal boilers is calculated without considering this energy.

The cause that the smoke leaves to an inferior temperature to the 55 ºC does not mean that this type of boilers cannot give hot water to more temperature. This heat serves to preheat the water before making contact with enemy with the combustion chamber.

It agrees to mention that if radiators are used it must guarantee that the water return is to an inferior temperature to 50 ºC, to obtain to the complete cooling of gases and its condensation. Therefore, this type of boilers adapts perfectly to the heating by radiating ground.
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In Soliclima we bet by the intelligent use of the power resources, installing the most efficient systems to save energy and to reduce the CO2 emissions and consists economic.

The boilers of low consumption that we installed are of the marks of more prestige of the north of Europe, like Wolf or Buderus. Counting on the technology more outpost, they are able to take advantage of to the maximum the energy, saving from a 20% to a 40% of fuel.

Types of boilers

Condensation boilers

Condensation boilers

They work with gas and they obtain yields on the PCI around the 109%. Comparing them with a conventional boiler it is obtained until a 40% of saving.

The secret of so high efficiency is that they are able to cool the exit smoke until condensing them, operation that cannot take control of another type of fuel by corrosion danger.

The return of the water must be to low temperature but this does not mean that it cannot warm up it to the habitual temperatures of work.

Low temperature boilers

Low temperature boilers

They work with diesel oil and they obtain a stationary yield near 94%, with which it is obtained until a 20% of saving in comparison with a conventional boiler.

The fact that they are of low temperature does not mean that they cannot warm up the water until 90ºC that is necessary for a system of radiators.

They are of low temperature because, unlike the conventional ones, they can work warming up the water to low temperature without losing efficiency nor having corrosion problems.

They can warm up, for example, hot water to 40ºC for sanitary use or heating by radiating ground in stationary way, avoiding to start and to stop constantly and presenting/displaying a very high performance.

» Request installation budget of gas boiler of low consumption
» Request installation budget of gasóil boiler of low consumption 
Specialists in projects and facilities based on the power saving: radiating ground, sanitary hot water, heating, air conditioning and dehumidification of swimming pools, boilers of low temperature or condensation. for inner installation - Air conditioning of swimming pools - Inner air conditioning by radiating ground - Inner air conditioning by air Consists of determining the most suitable model. An operation for single which a company with the sufficient experience and the good technical knowledge will be able to make correctly. ·